An Introduction to Human Design’s 9 Centered Bodygraph

An understanding of the Nine Centers is essential to interpretation of a Human Design bodygraph.  Similar to the chakras, these nine centers represent primary energetic matrices, which also include specific biological associations such as glands and organs, in addition to their more purely energetic symbolism.

But why are there nine energy centers in Human Design instead of seven chakras?  Ra describes this as the Aquarian mutation in our energy bodies, which began around the Industrial Age. Astrologers know that this was the time when Uranus was discovered, the first planet discovered with the aid of a telescope. This momentous experience began a new cycle in our consciousness, an awakening to the global village, and an emergence into an Aquarian Age, which is now reaching a new peak in the Information Age on the other side of the Mayan Calendar end date of December 21, 2012.  Undoubtedly, we are wired different now, as are the new children, in the Internet Age, our consciousness has become more collectively self-aware, much more accelerated and interconnect, and these nine centers represent this evolving human paradigm.

A Summary of the Centers follows:


Motor Centers

Motor Centers – energy for life

Sacral – energy to do, generate, procreative, work-oriented

Solar Plexus– emotional highs and lows, intimacy, desire, creativity

Heart/Ego – will, drive, promise, follow thru, defense

Root – accomplishment, timing, momentum, stamina, stress


Manifestation Center – express and bring forth energy

Throat – all energy from other eight centers moves toward here;

the voice to physically manifest, verbally communicate


Pressure Centers – pressure to do/know

Root – Pressure to survive, accomplish, do, adrenaline

Head – Inspiration and Vision; Pressure to know, create, channel

Awareness Centers – body, mind, spirit consciousness

Spleen – sensual, immediate environment, health, instinct, intuition, primal, animal

Solar Plexus – emotional spectrum

Mental – ideas, concepts, knowledge, thoughts, beliefs


Self  / Identity Center (G Center)

– sense of direction in life, how we feel guided, love, agendas or flows


*Learn more about what it means when Centers are Defined, Undefined, or Open in this article about Oprah Winfrey.


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