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What is AstroLocality?

AstroLocality or Locational Astrology is an emergent, evolutionary branch of modern Astrology and Strategic Relocation. It describes how you interface with different geographies, what kinds of opportunities are present there for you, and what lessons and discoveries certain areas will provide for you.

I prepare your charts and maps very thoroughly before we speak. I use many sets of technical AstroLocality influences including AstroCartography, Local Space, Parans, Cyclocartography, Geodetics, and Midpoints to give you the most accurate reading possible. Since 2006, I have focused my Astrological practice on this profound tool and hope to share it with you. An AstroLocality Consultation reveals:

  • Your Power Spots around the world for all intentions, as well as places to avoid.
  • Find ideal re-locations for love, a stable career, an enriching home and community, spiritual growth, or creative fulfillment.
  • Strategize Travel locations for the next 6-18 months.
  • Places for career success for all types of business ventures.
  • When should you go? Discover cycles and forecasting over specific geographies.
  • Find the optimum place for your family to grow and blossom

Learn more about Locational Astrology for Digital Nomads and Entrepreneurs in this video.

Learn more about AstroLocality Love Lines and Brad Pitt’s map with this video and essay.

Where are your most opportunistic locations? – Check out this essay on What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“Before VerDarLuz’s Relocation Strategy session, my girlfriend and I were at a crossroads. I could not live where she was and she could not live where I was. VerDarLuz found the mutual, supportive location where we both wanted to live. Now she and I are setting sail to live our life together.” –Sam, New Zealand

How Does a Consultation work? What do I need to provide for a Consultation?

Click the titles below to book each session. When you book the session, please send me an email that lists your top priorities for a move / new location as well as 3-4 regions of interest and attraction.


  • A overview of your dominant energies in 2 locations.
  • MP4 Vid Recording with Maps
  • **This session is recorded by me and sent to you. You simply send me your birth date, time, place, and your 2 regions of interest, and top priorities for relocation. I record your session and send to you.


  • We explore 3-4 regions and their planetary influences in depth
  • MP4 Recording with Maps
  • Includes JPG map of each region discussed
  • *Extensive Written Reports for 1 Location you choose.
  • *Live Video reading with VerDarLuz


  • A Comprehensive analysis of your Power Places world-wide, including locations you request and locations I find
  • Ideal for Strategic Relocating – you are ready for specific intentions to manifest by tactical location planning.
  • Forecasting over locations
  • *Extensive Written Reports for 4 locations you choose.
  • Includes JPG Map of each region discussed
  • MP4 Recording with Maps
  • *Live Video reading with VerDarLuz
I can’t invest in a full session, do you have other options to learn about my Power Places?

Yes!  *First, Payment Plans are available if needed. Please send half amount to as friends/family on The other half can be sent in a month from now at no charge. 2 very different Written Report options are available as well.

I look forward to helping you find your Power Places 🙂