Calling the Directions: Local Space Lines and Your Personal Feng Shui Energies

Imagine on the day of your birth, Mom or Dad lifted you up the heavens and pointed to each planet in the exact direction it was in the sky—there’s Jupiter, there’s Saturn, there’s Mercury. This is the premise for what astrologers call Local Space Lines.

One way to think about Local Space lines is almost like Feng Shui energies that compel you towards certain areas of the earth to realize aspects of your soul.  In these regions, you will encounter archetypal energies specific to the planetary lines.  They are the directions of influence in our lives.

To understand the concept of Local Space further, it is helpful to think of a planet as a teacher—a unique intelligence and specific energetic force within your psyche. The closer you travel to or live on a Local Space line, the more a certain planetary teacher rises to dominate your consciousness and teach you its lessons.  These lessons will also be specific to how that planet is configured in your chart i.e., the expressive flavor of its sign, house, and aspects.  The sign is the pattern of energy the planet embodies, the house is the area of life it lives in your chart as well as the area of life it rules, and the aspects are how the planetary teacher interacts with other planets.  These elements make up the experiential gestalt of a Local Space planetary line.

In terms of proximity to living or traveling to one’s Local Space lines, the same rules apply as they do to the more well known locational Astrology technique called Astrocartography (ACG): the closer you move to a planetary line, the more you receive the influence of that planetary intelligence, and how it is conditioned in your birth chart.

The following is a list of keywords for Local Space energy lines:

Sun – creative purpose, vitality, fame, popularity

Moon – emotional sensitivity, rootedness, hearth and home, family themes

Mercury – ideas and information, ideal for education, networking, business

Venus – concern with recreation, beauty, and the arts, an enhanced enjoyment of life, possibility of earning more money, attraction of relationships and the feminine, possible vanity

Mars – energized, motivated, passionate, driven, defensive, territorial, battleground, conflict

Jupiter – embodying the teacher, inspired optimism, synchronistic flow, opportunity, expansion, overindulgence, exaggeration

Saturn – hard work, discipline, maturity, seriousness, professionalism, responsibility, pressure

Uranus – desire for freedom, rebellious, inventive, original, unexpected surprises, sudden changes, themes around technology

Neptune – dreamy, poetic, mystical, contemplative, myth and story, the imagination and arts, confusion, deception, depression, idealism, disappointment

Pluto – intensity, drama, empowerment and power struggles, control issues, resistance and release, shamanic work, the unconsious, shadow emotions, hidden agendas in self and other

Chiron – recognition of woundedness, stories of victimization, opportunities to heal, mentors, coaches, guidance

Juno – issues of fairness and equality, soul-contracts, balance in relationship, marriage partner

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