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Divine Timing Online School

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Discover Your Optimum Career Path with Basic Astrology

  • Learn the 12 Career Archetypes – the patterns and tendencies we all bring to career.
  • Explore many alternative possibilities for fulfilling career paths that align with the ancient wisdom of your astrological birth chart.
  • You will understand what energies you bring to any career choice.

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“Brilliant Course. I understand myself and my motivations a whole lot better now. A really good course for anybody looking not only to find their career path but also how to refine it and improve it from within” – Roger

Love, Sex, and Relationship Success with Astrology

  • Discover why you repeatedly attract similar kinds of partners 
  • Learn the 12 Lover’s Masks and which ones dominate your love and sex life.
  • Explore and Empower your “Inner Beloved”: Integrate both masculine and feminine aspects of your psyche to attain wholeness within.
  • Learn the Sexual Styles and Turn-Ons for your version of the Divine Masculine and Feminine and for each sign of the zodiac.

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“Amazing course! Super recommended.  Very accurate and interesting information that describes my patterns in relationships. Definitely has inspired me to enhance my own qualities as a lover and appreciate the nature of my partner.” – Lilli

Boost Your Emotional Intelligence - Moon Signs

  • Discover your emotional patterns and reactive tendencies
  • Communicate the individual needs of each Astrological Moon Sign
  • Be more compassionate to self and others
  • Be a more supportive, compassionate lover
  • Increase self-confidence & success at work
  • Gain important parenting insights

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“Great insight into the Moon signs and good place to start your emotional  exploration journey with the Moon.” – Michal