NUMEROLOGY – Number One, Baby

NUMEROLOGY of 2017 –  Number One, Baby

A completely new cycle has emerged after closing a 9 year odyssey. In 2016, certain karmic patterns and stories have needed to be released and resolved on both the collective and personal level. We also learned about the power of service and true humanitarian spirit, even amidst tragedy and divisive politics, our levels of compassion and empathy have grown. Whatever we have shed or completed in the 9 year has made space for the thrust forward into the unprecedented territory of the Universal Year Number 1.

The 1 asks you: If you were functioning at your Superhuman level, who would you be, and what would you be accomplishing?

The 1 harnesses a fiery energy of self-motivated risk-taking and passionate desire to grow. 2017 is not the year to hide or hold back, but rather to fearlessly fly into your daredevil individual expression. As the first number, 1 is endlessly creative and innovative. Thus, 2017 is the year to reinvent yourself through inspired new beginnings. “Know Thyself” will ring as one of the year’s mantras, as each of us will benefit from continued self-study through systems and practices like Astrology, Human Design, Numerology, Yoga, and Meditation.

The 1 can be a ruthlessly ambitious number and often ignore the needs of others. Thus, in relationships, it will be one of our challenges to clarify individual desires and learn how these correspond or not to shared goals, and make our necessary adjustments. We will also experience impatience with relational drama since this will distract from what we are trying to achieve in life.

Additionally, we need to activate whatever projects have been stagnant but which we feel are integral to our future evolution. Simultaneously, we want to acknowledge ALL of our talents and abilities. There are many online platforms now, such as or, for teaching and earning resources in whatever area you have mastered an ability, so it’s time to confidently express the radiance of your being.

Meanwhile, we should maintain the humility to know what skills are lacking, and the thirsty eagerness and dedicated action steps to integrate new tools in our toolbelt to become more of an empowered leader.  You might need to embrace more time for isolation in order to cultivate self-development. Frivolous social time or endless hours on facebook or online without a dedicated focus will not serve the 1’s desire to achieve.  Let your entrepreneur out and allow fresh ideas to flow.  There may even be new inventions, technologies, or trends in 2017 that will dominate much of the next 9 year cycle.

Interestingly, Donald Trump is in a 19/1 Essence in both 2016 and 2017.  The Essence number is one of the most powerful influences in Numerology, a cycle revealing important life lessons, areas of potential success and support, and the emotional state in which we perceive our environment.  For Donald, the possibility of the 1’s visionary leadership may get “trumped” by stubbornness, impatience, greed, and an obvious desire for personal gain.

The 1 year may be most challenging for Life Path numbers 9, 2, and 6.  You can find your Life Path number by adding your birthdate together and then reducing to single digits unless it’s an 11, 22, or 33, Numerology’s master numbers.

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