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“Identify your problems, but give your power and energy to solutions.” 
Tony Robbins

Join us May 14 – June 18th for the Live 6 Week Webinar:

Business and Career Success

with Human Design

Are you ready to find your Career Calling?

Join us to discover the Human Design System—your key to a Vocation filled with soul-purpose. 

You’ll Learn:

  • Discover your Strategy for confident decision-making, and how to make it in the perfect timing for you.
  • How to create your ideal business model – one that harnesses your natural gifts and strengths.
  • Discover your secret superpowers in your genetics.
  • How to create your optimum marketing strategies.
  • Learn how to know immediately when you are on‐track or off‐track in major career decisions.
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Unleash Your Genius!!

Holistic Life Coaching - Empowered Career, Inspired Relationships, Time Mastery, Spritual Awakening

  • A monthly journey into realizing your luminous and expanded potential. Your individualized coaching program synthesizing tools ancient and modern—Astrology, Human Design, Numerology, Sacred Sexuality, Shamanic Healing, Regression Therapy, Meditation, and much more. [Discover Here]

Astrology Birth Chart and Forecasting

  • Soul purpose and pathways of self-actualization
  • Relationship intent, ideal partnerships, and compatibility
  • Auspicious times to begin projects, businesses, and marriage
  • How to balance relationships, career, family, creativity, and spiritual practice
  • What phases of life approach this year to invite new opportunity and growth? [Learn More]

Human Design Reading

  • Human Design provides a holistic perspective of your unique patterns of energy, while helping you to navigate all relationships with compassion. Design opens the door to more authentic and empowered decision-making and strategies to break limiting thought patterns and conditioning elements. Choose to realize your full potential. Access the Wisdom of your Design. [Learn More]


AstroLocality - Find Your Power Places

  • Your Power Spots around the world for all intentions, as well as places to avoid.
  • Find ideal locations for love, a stable career, an enriching home and community, spiritual growth, or creative fulfillment.
  • Timemapping – When should you seize an opportunity in a location? [Learn More]


“Who needs astrology? The wise man gets by on fortune cookies.”
 Edward Abbey


10+ Courses now at the online mystery school!
Divine Timing Online School
*Study at your own pace
*Lifetime access

Discover Your Optimum Career Path with Basic Astrology

  • Learn the 12 Career Archetypes – the patterns and tendencies we all bring to career.
  • Explore many alternative possibilities for fulfilling career paths that align with the ancient wisdom of your astrological birth chart.
  • You will understand what energies you bring to any career choice.

[Learn More]

Love, Sex, and Relationship Success with Astrology

  • Discover why you repeatedly attract similar kinds of partners 
  • Learn the 12 Lover’s Masks and which ones dominate your love and sex life.
  • Explore and Empower your “Inner Beloved”: Integrate both masculine and feminine aspects of your psyche to attain wholeness within.
  • Learn the Sexual Styles and Turn-Ons for your version of the Divine Masculine and Feminine and for each sign of the zodiac.

 [Learn More]


Boost Your Emotional Intelligence - Moon Signs

  • Discover your emotional patterns and reactive tendencies
  • Communicate the individual needs of each Astrological Moon Sign
  • Be more compassionate to self and others
  • Be a more supportive, compassionate lover
  • Increase self-confidence & success at work
  • Gain important parenting insights

 [Learn More]


“The cosmos is a vast living body, of which we are still parts.  The sun is a great heart whose tremors run through our smallest veins.  The moon is a great nerve center from which we quiver forever.”
 D.H. Lawrence

[themify_icon icon=”fa-quote-left” ]Ver Dar Luz’s reading offered profound insights into the mysteries of my daughter’s inner psyche. I gained a deeper understanding of her soul’s evolutionary path, as well as some practical tools for navigating our journey together in a more harmonious way. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to receive such invaluable information, so that I can tune in to the highest potential in my role as a guide for my children.
– Aja McAdams


[themify_icon icon=”fa-quote-left” ]As a fellow astrologer, it’s very rare that you find another astrologer that can go beyond your expectation and blow your mind. VerDarLuz is amazing, prolific, and profound. His knowledge and wisdom is phenomenal and if you’re thinking about moving or traveling you can’t afford not to call him—your life will never be the same.

Issachar Bey- Astrologer, Author, Speaker, Life Coach


[themify_icon icon=”fa-quote-left” ]My experience with VerDarLuz has been transformative, grounding, and constructive. Through his guidance I have been able to deepen and attune my inner voice and create vision for the future. I feel our sessions have guided me in extremely productive ways that are beneficial to my business and life. 

Marisa EspinozaOwner: Libelle Body

Blog – The Celestial Times

Essays and Videos on Astrology, Numerology, Human Design, and Sacred Relating

It’s Time for an AstroLocality Consultation if:

You are an entrepreneur and would like to establish location-independence in the best places for business, finance, community, and play.

You have a family and would like to find the sweet spot for you all to grow into your fullest potential.

You are getting married and want to celebrate your honeymoon in a magical land.

You are planning to travel or relocate in the next 1-12 months.

You are looking to find a soul mate, your tribe, or your roots.

“Not all those who wander are lost.”

– J.R.R. Tolkien

You are ready for a change. You want to relocate and have specific intentions for your new home.

You are retiring and looking for that stress-free, ideal location to call home.

Your child is graduating from high school and looking for the most supportive places for college or for a learning experience abroad.

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About Me

Hi, My name is VerDarLuz. You might also find me performing as CelestiOwl.  I’m passionate about planets, I get silly over stars and owls (2 tatoos!!), and I dream in the colors of music. Since 2006, I have coached thousands of clients in creating the most inspiring life possible, filled with successful and spiritually aligned businesses and harmonious, blissful relationships. In my ongoing coaching work, I use a number of ancient and modern tools, including Astrology, Numerology, Human Design, Tantra Yoga, and Shamanic therapies. I am blessed to travel, teach, and perform internationally, but my heart’s home will always pulse in the snow-clad Colorado Rockies. You can visit these sites for classical guitar and ecstatic dance DJ sets.  I look forward to serving you in the journey of soul-awakening, all in Divine Timing.