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 2019 Cycles of Expansion

Astrology Forecast

Thursday 12/20

6 PAC, 7 MTN, 8 CTRL,9 EST 

Get a head start on 2019 and join us for a 2 hour LIVE and RECORDED Teleclass as we tune in to the sound of the stars and investigate all the cycles of the year ahead in detail. Be prepared for when to seize the moment and act, and when to pull back in the next year.


What makes this 2019 Preview call totally unique?

Month by Month Strategy – Harmonize with All Major Astrological Transits and How to Successfully Navigate them with Conscious Intention


Receive a Written PDF with all the Key Dates and Important Cycles to help you plan your 2019 Growth.


Your Birth Signs covered in detail!

– Learn how your specific Sun/Moon/Rising Sign will be challenged, empowered, and awakened in 2018!


There are a lot of major cycles in each element this year, so no matter where most of your planets are, you will experience profound shifts in 2019. Join us as discuss the trends politically, socially, economically, and interpersonally.

  • Jupiter in Sagittarius – Inspired Travel, Publishing, and Spiritual Growth
  • AstroLocality and Strategic Relocation
  • Saturn in Capricorn – Restructure and Reverse Engineer Your Goals
  • Mercury Retrograde in Water Signs + Key Dates
  • Eclipses in Capricorn and Cancer – Evolutionary Portals
  • Uranus in Taurus – Revolutions in Energy, Finance, and Resources
  • Key Months for Business Opportunities
  • End of Year Innovation – Jupiter trine Uranus
  • Cycles for the U.S. and Trump’s Chart
  • **Every New and Full Moon Date for 2019**
  • How to put all these cycles in your personal chart


  • Personal Interpretation Options:
  • *Jupiter in Sagittarius in your Chart – Path of Expansion and Opportunity
  • **January Eclipses in your Chart – Your greatest transformation this year


  • BONUS! Download of the entire PDF with all the major transits to access as you plan 2019.
  • Q and A at the end – Talk to VerDarLuz Live
  • An opportunity for a COMPLIMENTARY Strategy Session: Unleash Your Genius in 2019! with VerDarLuz
  • Discounts on VerDarLuz’s Divine Timing Online Courses – Affordable study at your own pace to weave astrology’s wisdom into career and relationship success.

*Call-In Info sent day of class. – If you can’t be live, class is recorded and sent out the day after.

You can register at 3 levels. When choosing your option from the list, if you only choose 1 Personal Interpretation, please email me with either Jupiter in Sagittarius or January Eclipses.

1. 2019 Astrology Cycles Class Only

2. Class + Jupiter in Sagittarius in your Chart

3. Class + January Eclipses in your Chart

Class Options