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“We are born at a given moment, in a given place and, like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more.”

– Carl Jung

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Holistic Life and Business Coaching

Since 2006, I have coached clients in creating the life, business, and relationships of their dreams.  In my ongoing coaching work, I use a number of ancient and modern tools, including Astrology, Numerology, and Human Design to reveal the following:
  • Soul purpose and pathways of self-actualization
  • Individually tailored Business Models which harmonize with your Birth Chart and Design.
  • Strategies for Location Independence
  • Optimal locations for business success, romance, creativity, nurturing home
  • Deconditioning from negative patterns and limiting beliefs
  • How to make authentic, empowered decisions in your life
  • Relationship intent and Compatible partnerships in love and business
  • Auspicious times to begin projects, businesses, and marriage
  • Timemapping – WHEN to focus on WHAT in your life for both balance and maximum achievement.
  • Create optimal flow and attune to your rhythms of success
  • Healing and Mastering past life energies as patterns in you, today
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AstroLocality - Power Places


  • Your Power Spots around the world for all intentions, as well as places to avoid.
  • Find ideal re-locations for love, a stable career, an enriching home and community, spiritual growth, or creative fulfillment.
  • Strategize Travel locations for the next 6-18 months.  
    Places for career success for all types of business ventures.
  • When should you go? Discover cycles and forecasting over specific geographies.
  • Find the optimum place for your family to grow and blossom
  • AstroLocality for individuals, couples, and families. 
  • 4 Different options for your specific needs

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Optimal Timing: 

Windows of Opportunity and Challenge in Detail for 3 – 12 Months

*Personal and Professional Forecasting: WHEN to do WHAT?

  • When to launch a Product or Service
  • Ideal times to Sign Contracts and dates to Avoid
  • Best speaking opportunities and timeframes
  • When to Network, Market, Promote, Hire, or Fire during each month
  • When to Vacation and Rest to avoid overwhelm during each each month
  • Delegation – What areas will be most smooth to transition out of?
  • How best to use your Business Archetypes for success in the coming months and permanently
  • Personalized Business Timing Forecasting Report

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Astrology Birth Chart and Forecasting

  • Fulfilling career choices
  • Soul purpose and pathways of self-actualization
  • Relationship intent, ideal partnerships, and compatibility
  • Auspicious times to begin projects, businesses, and marriage
  • Current cycles of initiation and how to take best advantage of them
  • How to balance relationships, career, family, creativity, and spiritual practice

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Human Design Reading

Human Design Reading

A channeled system of holistic self-awareness incorporating 4 ancient modalities, Human Design provides:
  • Decision-making strategies determined by your Energy Type
  • Act with authenticity and self-confidence by following your center of Inner Authority
  • The patterns of energy that reliably define you, on the genetic level.
  • Understand and evolve the “conditioning forces” in your environment
  • Navigate relationships with more compassion and sensitivity
  • Understand the composite energies of you and lover, employee, family member
  • Clarify your consistent approaches to relationship, career, creativity, and spiritual practice
  • Realize and integrate your genetic sense of self
  • Break limiting beliefs about yourself to realize your full potential

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Business and Personal Relationship Analysis

Sacred Relations - Couple's Astrology and Tantra Coaching

  • Practices and Techniques for better communication
  • Honor the emotional needs and inner child of each partner
  • Discover your archetypes of the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine
  • Tantric Rituals for deeper intimacy
  • Understand your Composite Chart – the Two of you as One
  • Be empowered through understanding each individual’s current cycles and the relationships cycles of growth

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Empowered Collaboration - Business Partnership and Team Consultation


Whether you need a new personal assistant, a JV Partner, or a business merger, a Business Partnership Consultations employ Astrology, Human Design, and Numerology to answer the following questions:

  • How will your colleagues or employees emotionally react in moments of crisis?
  • What are the greatest strengths and challenges of each team member and how can you implement these for accelerated business growth?
  • Who should you hire to complement the goals of your organization?
  • What are the conscious and subconscious motivations in my partners?
  • Should I Joint Venture partner or affiliate with this person?
  • What challenges could we have together?
  • In what ways can we mutually benefit and complement each other?
  • What are our unique composite gifts that we can offer the world together that we can’t offer on our own?
  • What cycles are we each in and how can we navigate those intelligently and strategically?

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Shamanic Therapies

Breathwork Healing Journey

Integrating 3 modalities of Breathwork, including Rebirthing, Transformational Breathwork, and SOMA Breath, these empowering healing sessions:

  • Release stuck trauma in the cells and blockages in both the physical and energy body.
  • Bring light to the shadow and darker aspects of the psyche
  • Repattern limiting beliefs and source out their cause.
  • Opens new possibilities and potentials for personal empowerment, clarity, and purpose

Session tailored to client needs and can include:

  • Analysis of Birth Trauma
  • Chakra Based Music Journey
  • Affirmation and Intention Setting
  • Awakening to and connecting with one’s Higher Self
  • Pranayama – Yogic Breath: Instruction and Recommendation for Post-session practices

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Past Life Therapy

Each of us have unresolved stories and unfinished business in our souls which can prevent the full realization of our potential in this lifetime. This work results in power, vision, and healing with ourselves, our loved ones, and our professional path.

Session tailored to client needs and can involve:

  • Breakthrough of specific fears or phobias holding you back.
  • Discovery of karmic themes carried from previous lifetimes to this one.
  • Relief of resentments, regret, blame, guilt, anger and other negative emotions preventing growth and self-actualization
  • Healing the source of stuck issues with money, power, sex, children, and health
  • Resolution of repeating issues with family members, lovers, friends, or colleagues
  • Greater peace with the flux and shift of life, centered in your innate wholeness.

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Shamanic Drum Journeys and Active Imagination

Drum Journeys and Guided Meditations are some of the oldest indigenous practices of awakening and allow you to access hidden wisdom from the depths of the personal and collective imagination.

Session tailored to client needs and can include:

  • Discovery and messages from totem allies and guides
  • Underworld journeys for healing and access to the unconscious
  • Upperworld journeys to vision the next steps in your personal and professional life.
  • Dream re-entry and Dream healing for greater clarity and connection to the other side
  • Visitation to deceased ancestors to ask for guidance
  • Journeys into specific planetary alignments in your birth chart or current astrological forecasting.

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