I customize transformative coaching packages, typically 3-12 sessions, for each individual client based upon your unique needs and through understanding your current cycles of soul
growth and development.

Is life calling you to move? Where are your auspicious places on the earth for love, career, spiritual growth?

Digital Nomads, Individuals, Couples, Families: Relocate with Intention, and Strategize your Travel.

  • Learn your unique Energy Type and your Inner Authority to confidently find clarity in relationships and career.

  • Discover your Decision-Making Strategy and the healthiest way to utilize your personal energy for maximum results.

  • Explore the best approaches to your business that will align you with your genetic strengths.

  • Discover your Starseed origins and your sacred work on planet earth
  • Understand current cycles of initiation and how to best harmonize with them
  • Explore fulfilling career choices that correspond with your soul’s unfolding purpose
  • Honor your unique relationship intent and how to find compatibility and flow in personal and professional relations
  • Align with auspicious times to begin projects, businesses, marriage, and travel
  • Use both Astrology and Human Design to improve communication, deepen emotional intimacy, and understand your cycles of growth
  • Discover your composite energies – the two of you as one — and your Soul Contract together
  • Learn to honor your unique version of the God and Goddess
  • Discover Tantric Practices to empower greater passion and presence 
  • Create your Ideal Business Model guided by your unique Astrology and Human Design
  • Learn to create high ticket, premium packages to both share your gifts
  • Discover who your perfect client truly is and how to create the ultimate services to benefit them
  • Learn to language your ultimate value and how to enroll clients into your inspiring offer
  • Windows of opportunity and challenge in detail for 3, 6, or 12 Months.
  • Your Detailed Weekly and Monthly master plan of WHEN to focus on WHAT
  • Electional Astrology’s wiisdom applied for the optimum dates for you 
  • For busy Entrepreneurs, Event Planners, Content Creators, and the Overwhelmed
  • Release stuck trauma in the cells and blockages in both the physical and energy body.
  • Bring light to the shadow and darker, unconscious aspects of the psyche to empower your fullest potential
  • Repattern limiting beliefs and source out their cause.
  • Heal family and individual karmic themes, and breakthrough specific fears or phobias holding preventing self-actualization and peace